Item collection 1419372 original

Handmade Bracelet with Turquoise Asian Motif Tiles, Glass Beads & Silver


Item collection 1390632 original

Fabulous Handmade Beadwoven Blue & Silver Bracelet


Item collection 1346289 original

Handmade Beadwoven Vanilla, Pearl & Orange Bracelet


Item collection 1224528 original

Handmade Copper/Brown Mix Beadwork Bracelet


Item collection 1289553 original

Handmade Anklet - "Creamsicle" Dyed Magnesite and White Coral


Item collection 1287354 original

Handmade Copper Chain Maille Bracelet & Earrings Set


Item collection 1144500 original

Handmade Orange Bracelet with Large Focal Bead & Small Teardrops


Item collection 1105086 original

Handmade Topaz Beaded Bracelet with Multiple Colors


Item collection 945908 original

Blue Ceramic & Glass Beads with Silver Charms Asymmetrical Bracelet


Item collection 300394 original

Black Cinnabar & Aragonite Bracelet


Item collection 609180 original

Small Blue Peruvian Opal and Pearl Bracelet


Item collection 658751 original

Gold & Green Beadwork Bracelet


Item collection 683110 original

Royal Blue and Crystal AB Beadwork Bracelet


Item collection 4738 original

Dark Brown Wooden Beads & Copper Bracelet


Item collection 55789 original

Black Beadwork Cuff Bracelet with Crystals


Item collection 79344 original

Sparkling Orange Glass & Gold Bracelet


Item collection 87612 original

Silver and Green Glass Watch & Watch Bracelet


Item collection 137595 original

3-Strand Beaded Bracelet with Peruvian Chrysocolla


Item collection 155647 original

Double Strand Glass Print Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 159484 original

Wild Animal Glass Beads Bracelet


Item collection 171962 original

Glass & Acrylic Wide Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection 182205 original

Sterling and Brown Glass Bracelet


Item collection 182988 original

Small Blue Bracelet w/ Angel Charm


Handmade/custom jewelry that reflects who you really are

Welcome to my website. Here you will find all handmade items that are one-of-a-kind. They are designed to make a statement for you - to reflect the real you while not seeing 12 of the same pieces on the rack. Explore, enjoy and come back often to see what's new. If there's something special you'd like, send me a message - I love to do custom work.