Romantic Lavender Fairy Pendant Necklace

$45.00 USD


Product Description

A beautiful white fairy pendant, with gold-filled bail, hangs delicately from lavendar organza which emphasizes the romance and femininity of the piece, but keeps down the weight of the necklace. Two small handmade (by me) components are attached to either sides of the organza - one is a swirl of small button pearls in colors that match the fairy's in the pendant. The other is a large dark purple pearl with pale amethyst color twisted leaves to help bring out the shades of purple in the fairy's wings. Gold-filled cones protect the ribbon ends and accent the beautiful gold heart toggle clasp. Pendant is a handmade glass art from Brad Peterson. For information on Brad's creations, see my blog at


Romantic Lavender Fairy Pendant Necklace Romantic Lavender Fairy Pendant Necklace Romantic Lavender Fairy Pendant Necklace

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